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Wild Celts

with Stevie & Jane

Tune in to this dynamic duo on Up Here Radio as Stevie Mckie and Jane Schroeder share stories about the saints that have gone before us and how to function in the courts of heaven with your God given authority. Learn how to engage the realms of the kingdom and let the glory party begin!


"Come join us on the fun journey!"

-Jane Schroeder


Stephen lives in Ayrshire, Scotland, and has been greatly impacted by the legacy of the Welsh revival through the Welsh apostolic church.  He felt the awesome presence of God in those gatherings and is still moved deeply by the prophetic spoken words he heard. Stephen has a promise from the Lord that at least 1 million people in Scotland will be saved as God pours out His Spirit through a glorious company of people - young and old - who learn to function as mature sons on the earth. 

Jane is an international speaker and traveller, embarking on missions across the world. Recently relocated to Scotland, she has two grown children. She loves to see Jesus heal people and is a full time minister, podcaster and writer. Jane is a prophetic seer and is very passionate about intercession. She has travelled extensively throughout the nations releasing people into the seer realm and their destinies. Jane is hungry to see heaven invade earth and has a deep desire to see miracles signs and wonders in everyday life.

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