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Solomon Academy

with Marios Ellinas

Solomon’s Israel - the epitome of influence, wealth, wisdom, and geopolitical transformation. Solomon Academy demonstrates how this phenomenon came to be and how to ascend dimensionally to significantly impact the earth. I invite you to come along on this journey with me on Up Here Radio!


"You don't have to go looking for honor. Honor will find you when you carry it and demonstrate it."

-Marios Ellinas

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Marios is an international speaker, author, and consultant. He has served as Senior Leader of Valley Shore in Old Saybrook, Connecticut USA since 2005. Marios has published numerous books, including: Weaponized Honor (2017), Sexy Laundry (2017), Government Collision (2013), and two spy thrillers under the pen name, Trace Evans. Marios’s speaking engagements and publications encourage and edify the body of Christ, while also establishing a platform for influence in the realms of business and government.

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