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Galactic Pie Show

with Ryan Rohr

Ryan Rohr hosts the weekly Galactic Pie Show on Up Here Radio. Tune in to catch interviews on music, culture, and spiritual life with intriguing guests from around the world who share their stories, testimonies, and life experiences - what Ryan calls the bigger slice of life. 


"Come check out the bigger slice of life!"

-Ryan Rohr

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Ryan lives in Texas with his wife Amy and dog Brewster.  He is passionate about business, technology, and music, and is an avid traveler and the host of the Galactic Pie Show on Up Here Radio. The name 'Galactic Pie Show' was born in a moment when Ryan realized all the show names he considered were already taken. Encouraged by his father-in-law, he landed on 'Galactic Pie'! Ryan believes everyone has a story to tell and a sound to release in the symphony of the cosmos.

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