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with Melissa Fisher

Melissa is a sought after personal trainer who incorporates Biblical keys with fitness to take you on a deeper journey to health. She has pioneered an new way to approach a workout - with results that last a lifetime. Join her on Fit4Life to unlock a lifestyle of being fit and feeling great!


"Change your mind. Change your body. Change your LIFE!"

-Melissa Fisher


Melissa Fisher’s has a background as a professional dancer and cheerleader, which included the privilege of dancing in front of stadium audiences to include the Superbowl.  She was a trainer and coach of dancers and cheerleaders of various age groups with the express purpose of preparing them for competitions, shows and collegiate, pre-professional and professional careers.

She had a career change in 2007, and nearly died from grossly neglecting her body and health.  This inspired her to revisit fitness with Shaun T’s “Insanity Workout” that propelled her into a major physical comeback.  

Shortly thereafter, Melissa began to revisit her dance roots and found that the body can attain a beautiful uncommon shape with great muscle tone swiftly and with great efficiency.  She began to see that the dance world had secrets to fitness that were not present in typical workouts.  

Melissa Fisher moved to Sri Lanka in 2014 and founded Mpire Fitness with her husband Lakshan with a mission to change the minds of the people about how to become fit which would change their body - and ultimately their life.  The exercise method she created is called Pure Body Burn, which includes the technique called "micro movement". Men and women of all ages have experienced the benefit of this method, now I have the privilege of expanding and offering this great workout method and more worldwide.  Join Melissa Fisher on Up Here Radio as she shares her journey and keys to a healthier you.

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